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Re: IDW Publishing's License Concludes

Damn, that kind of sucks. Oh, I'm sure someone else will quickly scoop up the comic license, but it'll almost certainly only be a tie-in with the current series. I was kind of hoping that with the Prisoners of Time series sampling all the Doctors, it could lead to IDW doing more with the past Doctors, like maybe a mini-series or two a year featuring one of them.

And it's unlikely the new comic company will be ready to start releasing product in January 2014, we'll likely have to wait a while. Since the new season likely won't start until fall 2014, and it'll be with a new Doctor so even if someone does have the license by then they'll likely hold off until they can know this Doctor well enough to write him. Or dare I suggest her? So this likely means no Doctor Who comics at all until 2015.

I hope there's at least some significant novel releases in 2014, because otherwise with no comics, the classic era DVD line winding down, and nothing on TV until fall, 2014 is looking to be rather bleak for Doctor Who.
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