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Re: Larry Nemecek to announce new book

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Sounds like it's more of a coffee-table art book than an atlas per se. I wonder how consistent it'll be with Star Charts. Strictly speaking, it wouldn't have to be, but a lot of the novels have used SC as a resource, and it'd be nice if this were a compatible resource for future novelists to draw on.
Who cares? Star Charts is filled with mistakes, and that's not including the severe limitations of using a two dimensional page to make a map of three dimensional space.

Why don't they make a computer program that has a 3D reconstruction that you can move around instead?
I would love a holographic atlas that you can walk thru (like what was seen in Attack of the Clones). Thinking we're a ways away from this. Super excited for the book though, ordered it the day it went on sale.
Actually, we're slowly getting closer to that. A while back io9 had story about a 360 degree interactive 3D recreation of the martian landscape. You basically walked into this room with a wraparound screen that projected a life sized 3D video of the martian landscape. I think it might have even had motion sensors so the landscape would react realistically, but I can't remember for sure.
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