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Re: TNG Caption This! 321: Can't Stop Partying

PICARD: Yes. I did tell Wesley to man the helm.
WESLEY: (Texting) Nepotism FTW L8R

PICARD: You must all listen carefully. I've come back in time to the mission on Vagra II to tell you that it's imperative that Wesley be assigned to this away team. Tasha, beam back up to the ship.

PICARD: Data, be honest with me.
DATA: I can be no other way Captain.
PICARD: If Captain Kirk came across an all powerful entity who exercised Godlike power over a helpless race, he would have talked it into blowing itself up or something, right?
DATA: Analyzing. That would be consistent with Captain Kirk's service record.
PICARD: Does the crew think I'm a wuss?
DATA: No sir. All the crew hate the Edo, so they don't care.
PICARD: Thank you Mister Data.

PICARD: Finish my paperwork, holodeck Shakespeare. Finish my paperwork, holodeck Shakespeare. UGGHHHH... ...Picard to Riker, report to my ready room. Picard to Data, meet me on Holodeck 3.

REMMICK: People are starting to complain there aren't enough old white male humans in Starfleet upper management.
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