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Re: Latinum is better tha gold because...

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I just reject the notion that some things are impossible to replicate, as there's no basis for it except fanon.
Fanon and of course the show itself.

The vaccine in Code of Honor was impossible to replicate, even though Dr. Crusher possessed a sample of the vaccine.

The Child, replicating 512 special specimen containers required divert power from the warp engines into the replicator for two hours, the ship couldn't go to warp because of the replicator power requirements.

In other words, the replicator can require warp drive levels of power to make certain things.

Same question - when was it established the replicators couldn't handle "living tissue"?
Picard's heart, Neelix's lungs. Replacement organs were not replicated.

The genetronic replicator used to replace Worf's spinal cord in "Ethics" was perfectly capable of replicating living tissue?
Maybe not.

The genetronic replicator as described isn't a replicator in the usual meaning. According to the shows technical advisors, the replicator dematerializes base material, changes the material while in the matter stream, and then materializes the re-arranged item. All this happen relatively quickly.

Worf 's new spine is specifically refer to as being grown, plus by dialog growing the new spine takes approximately one hour and forty minutes.

Strickly speaking, Worf's new spine wasn't replicated.

Would you argue that air and water can't be replicated either ...
My take is that the replicator has problems with some complex compounds. That's why it could not make that drug. Air and water are fairly simply.

"Beta-matrix compositors" are a piece of technology, not an element or compound
The "compositor" has to be made of something. There are over a hundred elements on the periodic table. Compounds are chemically bonded substances that contain two or more different elements.

transporters don't blow up the starship every time an individual is beamed to a planet or back from it
The transporter does move people and things around as energy (or a energy state).

But apparently it never releases that energy, so no explosion.

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