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Re: George Lucas: Star Wars stood on the shoulders of Star Trek

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WARS isn't especially known for its technobabble, but when Chapter One brought up the midichloridians, that struck me as pure TREK. Did anyone else think the same then?
It actually flies in the face of what GR originally intended, with never going into Basil Exposition mode to explain how a phaser works because cops don't explain how their .38 works before they use it. It'd be like having a technobabble seminar playing out in TPM while r2 is outside fixing the hyperdrive -- you don't need to explain how FTL works in the SW universe either, because people bought into it up front, just like they did this whole 'force' business (though I was always astonished that nobody else picked up on what SHOULD have been the rejoinder to 'may the force be with you.' Opening day, I remember actually saying 'and also with you' and expecting to hear that rejoinder.)

Maybe you mean the middiebullshitians sounds pure TNG, because they certainly had a way of stating the obvious early on (how many times did Riker babble about 'never having seen ____ before' even though it was something utterly commonplace, like a solar flare?
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