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Re: [spoiler], Harrison, or Tonto [spoilers]

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In both Space Seed and ID, Khan is almost sympathetic, until he goes "full augment". We feel for him because he's being blackmailed and used as a weapon by Marcus. We can see why, in another Universe Scotty, (and Kirk) might admire him. Of course, Marcus underestimated Khan and Kirk falls for some of Khan's rhetoric, and that goes back to theme of superior man and superior ambition.
Coming back to this for a minute, it's interesting to read Orci's comments about this in the talkback at trekmovie:

Essentially, the story works, in my opinion, no matter what his names is. The story is about a unique individual who was blackmailed and used by an Admiral whose fear lead him to make plans for preemptive war against possible threats. The unique individual rebels, and targets the folk and the organization who has tried to use him.
Right there he says that the story is about just that the individual is unique. It wasn't the genetic engineering that defined the character, it could have been any particular characteristic as long as the character was unique. That's part of my issue of why Khan isn't defined enough.

I think the main story that he talks about there is a good one and that he's right in that it did not need Khan. I think adding Khan in as a sort of canon window dressing just isn't that great and I'd prefer that they wrote a story that was tailored to fit him if they have to use him. I'd say they could do that for the 3rd movie, but I think they might have already missed a lot of their opportunity.
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