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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

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...followed by Shada.
The Tom Baker Rec, or the Paul McGann Remake Flash Animation? I've had the recon for quite some time, and have watched it a few times. I just recently got the McGann Remake Flash Animation, and really enjoyed it when I watched it this last weekend.
The Tom Baker version it's the same version that was released on tape. I haven't seen the McGann version yet.
The McGann remake is pretty good, I'd listened to it a couple times on Audio before the Flash version was released. Much better with it all acted out, rather than about 1/3 of it narrated to fill in the gaps.

McGann Doctor shows up on Gallifrey, and tells President Romana they've forgotten something, and left something undone (Pulled out of time in The Five Doctors, while involved in the adventure) and The Doctor, Romana and K9 go back to see the Professor and it pretty much plays out the same from there. I found it on either Youtube or Dailymotion, but, the last couple of segments, I guess the video doesn't load, but, you still get the Audio (I have the actual released copy, but, was looking for it streaming prior to getting the released copy)
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