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Re: I am shocked, absolutely shocked

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It's depressing, not only how low standards are in society, but how disinterested people are in the world around them. How can we improve the educational system when people are so apathetic about learning?
Yeah well.. sign of the times i guess when young people's idols are Kim Kardashian and the news about a royal baby make it to the front pages instead of some goofy looking scientist or other intellectuals (who often enough just get mocked).

We are to blame ourselves for this development and it begins in school and ends with our general life that has elevated consumerism above everything. It's just easier to sit yourself down in front of the TV or the computer and watch meaningless crap than crack open a book that needs concentration and thinking because we don't want to "work" after we have already put in our 8 hours daily at the actual workplace.

For me it's up to the parents to actively guide their kids early on on a good path that leads to a well rounded person but that requires effort and hard work too and success isn't guaranteed (some people just don't care about anything no matter what you do).
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