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Re: Mulgrew so awful to Jeri Ryan she had to date Braga for protection

Well I don't want to justify Kates behavior...or Jeri's as I do not know any of them personally, nor have I met them.
But I can somewhat imagine how they both could have felt and can understand.
If I was in Kates position I would have felt upstaged and it would have disappointed me and I probably would have been mad. But I can understand Jeri as well, that it wasnt easy beeing the new girl.
And as it was already said on one of the earlier pages, sometimes you just dont like someone. Maybe it was a little bit of both to contribute to the situation.
But I think everyone should put it to rest...its been what...12 years for gods sake...why keep stirring.

IIRC Kate said in an interview that she didnt like it when people are unprofessional as in beeing late on set and for their scenes and I believe she was referring to Jeri, as the question was somewhat concerning the working relationship between Kate and Jeri.

But we might be able to find out about all of that since Kate said in an interview with Conny that she is writing on her autobiography and that its probably gonna be 3 books and one is going to be about her time on voyager. She also said (probably in a different interview) that she is going to wait with that because she wants to tell the utter truth and there has to pass some more time before she "can go public"...maybe, just maybe, she'll even write about the alleged affair with Robert Beltran...
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