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Re: Star trek: Continues Fan Series

People post attacks on filmmakers at Star Trek Reviewed all the time. I only post those which are directed at the films. And some of you know that I do have feelings and opinions about the filmmakers, it had to be, I've been following this for four years now. But that's not the purpose of my website.

Sometimes, a person who hates the filmmaker has been clever enough to post an attack on their films, not on them. Once posted, the best I feel I can do is mention what I have discovered about that unfair attack.

It is certainly NOT true that STC removes all critiques of their films. They post positive ones and push them. They act like a group which expects to sell these films for money. I have to guess that there is an agenda here, but I don't know if it goes beyond ego to some plan to create an independent web series which they can post with commercials, or even to try to use commercials on their Trek series and challenge CBS to come after them.

Their commercials remind me of old Beatles stuff. And yes, I consider many of their postings to be commercials for their films.

Time will tell!
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