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Re: Does Data have a soul?

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when Neelix dies for 16 hours and is resurrected feels a loss that he didn't end up under that great tree in his "afterlife". That episode heavily implies there is no soul
I interpret that episode like this: The very fact that Neelix was able to be brought back is proof that he was never dead in the first place. So the only way he could have moved on to his afterlife was if he was truly dead. They brought him back, so therefore, he was never REALLY dead.
I think the implication of the episode is that current Borg technology is able to replace dead neurons in the brain with nanoprobes? And it was able to do so in a 16 hour period.

Neelix was expecting to be at the "Great Tree of Life" pretty much immediately after his death.

And we know that his neurons had completely degenerated at that point (hence the need for artificial technology to make them work again)

So it seems to me that the implication was that Neelix was clinically completely brain dead.

It would seem strange that a soul would hang around for 16 hours in a body that has been dead for that long.

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Does a dog have a soul? How about a cockroach?
Nope and nope.

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does data have robot sperm?
Yes, the Borg Queen installed a nanoprobe replicator module.

It's pure chance that Data hasn't accidentally assimilated anyone yet.
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