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Re: Do you want to phone E.T.?

The Tyson argument could be extended to lend credence to the Hawking argument.

If we are "too stupid" to be bothered with (I actually agree with this parameter of the posit), it could be additionally argued that, once we achieve some form of interstellar travel, we still may be deemed "too stupid" in comparison to other space-faring civilizations. Then we would have to be re-evaluated to ascertain if our stupidity and ignorance could pose a threat to these other space-faring civilizations. Through wild speculation, looking through a human lens if the situation were reversed, the response would almost certainly be "yes", and we're back to the whole original "we shouldn't be asking aliens to come visit us, as they may think we should be destroyed" argument. Not because the aliens are warlike, but because we are and they may believe that they would be doing the universe a favor by wiping us out. It would be through kindness and charity alone that we are allowed to survive in such a scenario. Either that, or the aliens would find a use for us in fighting their wars - "Hey, we'll let you live, but you need to bend the knee and do our dirty work now". Or they'll just flat out turn us into a slave race based on our perceived inferiority.

So this is really the same argument, just from another angle - more evidence that we shouldn't talk to E.T. just yet.
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