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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

62. The Lone Ranger: C+
63. Godfather pt.II: A+
64. Godfather pt.III: B
65. Beyond Sherwood Forest: D
66. R.E.D. 2: B-

Beyond Sherwood Forest- At first I thought this was going to be a type of film that "picks up" after the events we know and spin a type of "untold" tale. Instead it just uses the characters, within the setting and throws in dragons and a link to dark realm deep in the forest. A DDVD release in '09 the only name you'd know is Erica Durance, she is Marion. However, while watching I noticed Friar Tuck is played by Bill Dow(Dr.Lee) of Stargate SG-1. It's a passable 1.5hr with choreography that is laughable and some f/x on the dragon that don't aide in the suspension of disbelief.

R.E.D. 2 - attended a free screening last night and the crowd was really into it. Since this isn't a spoiler area I'll generalize and say I thought the first act was a bit choppy. Perhaps necessary to set up all the players, still once that's done I felt it came together from there on out. My other issue would be the Sarah Ross character played by Mary Louise Parker. She got pulled into the first one and was cute and funny in a situation she never expected. Here she tags along and feels out of place + is an operations risk.
Malkovich, Willis, Mirren and Byung Hung-Lee are great along with Brian Cox and Anthony Hopkins. Hopkins and Mirren have a number of great moments. Byung Hung-Lee finishes out a three person exchange that got a big laugh around the start of the third act.
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