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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

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Batman can do all those things but so can almost any random masked vigilante.
Not like Batman can. This felt like Batman to me.

Then why use the license if you're not going to take advantage of it? Make your own superhero cartoon free of licenses if you hate the character and his villains.
Again, that's a ridiculous straw man. Of course they don't "hate" any of that. They love Batman; they just want to try something new with him. Just like B:TAS did -- presenting Batman in a way he'd never been seen onscreen before, featuring many villains and allies who'd never, ever been seen onscreen before, and making big stars out of third-rate joke villains like Clayface and Mr. Freeze. If we'd been posting on Usenet or whatever in 1992, the week after the series premiered, you'd probably be telling me how much Bruce Timm and Eric Radomski must hate Batman.

If you're making a batman show, it needs to have Batman, his rogue's gallery (the real one, not the legion of poorly thought out obscure villains), and other familiar characters.
One more time: Before B:TAS, no one outside the comics audience had ever seen Two-Face, Poison Ivy, Ra's al Ghul, Talia, Killer Croc, the Ventriloquist, Rupert Thorne, etc. The pilot episode of the series featured Man-Bat, of all characters.

Well, they're doing everything they possibly can to be the exact opposite of everything Batman, so making him The Punisher in a batsuit seems like its something they'd really enjoy doing.
Again, I have no idea how you think you can jump to these conclusions after seeing only 20 minutes of content. You're not even judging the show I watched. You're judging some fantasy construct that only exists in your own mind. We're not even conversing in the same universe of discourse.

Trying new things is overrated.
Yeah, B:TAS made a horrible mistake introducing all those new characters and applying innovative designs and animation techniques. That was a total disaster and everyone hated it. They should've just made another season of Super Friends.

Christopher wrote: View Post
Besides, what defines "normal" for you? What's been on TV or film before? A lot of the villains we'll be seeing have been major recurring foes in the comics over the course of years; they just haven't been picked up by any screen adaptation yet, and many of them are arguably overdue for an appearance. Pyg and Toad are among the most prominent, defining villains of Grant Morrison's lengthy tenure on Batman. Anyone who's been reading Batman comics over the past 5-6 years would consider them an entirely "normal" presence in a Batman story.
Normal is the real batman.
That's a completely unresponsive answer, because it's been established that "the real Batman" over the decades has been many very different and contradictory things. You're not even trying to defend your position intelligently -- you're just locking your mind shut and refusing to listen to anything that goes against your prejudices.

The guy with the loyal butler (who has no fighting skills)
Wrong. We've thoroughly established that the comics' Alfred Pennyworth is a combat veteran and retired intelligence officer and field medic. You've had that pointed out to you enough to know that, so you're not just ignorant now, you're intentionally lying.

Sometimes having a lesser known character is ok (you don't want to use the big guns every week) but you should be seeing characters like Joker, Mr. Freze, Poison Ivy, Penguin, Man-Bat, Clayface, The ventriloquist, etc.
Three of which had never been seen on television prior to B:TAS, and at least two of which were minor, third-rate villains before B:TAS made them interesting. You're contradicting yourself.

I'm done trying to get through to you. You've obviously completely closed your mind to anything outside your narrow preconceptions, and that's just sad. But you're only hurting yourself. I'm walking away from this, and I'm going to go on enjoying the show.
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