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Re: Dreadnought-Class Production Line (Spoilers?)

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Starfleet would be foolish not to use this design. It may have been built and launched under circumstances which were not ideal, but the design itself is out there. It's useable. It could have any number of uses, in or out of wartime.

If there are no other ships of the class NOW, there should be soon. Get more ships built and do it fast. The next time war comes, Starfleet will be glad it did.

In the hands of a proper command crew, with orders coming from the real Starfleet (not some criminal conspiracy called Section 31), this ship could be a force for good. And a bloody good one at that.


With the exception of a few nutjob admirals, Starfleet and the UFP don't want a war with the Klingons. With anyone really. So, here's a ship designed by a rogue admiral, packed with BFG's and a warpdrive that can run circles around the Enterprise, one of the newest ships in the fleet. A ship made for war.
How the heck would the Klingons react when you actually put that ship into active production?
It would be something along the lines of the Cuban missile crisis. The Klingons would start arming themselves more, things would escalate pretty quickly, and before you know it.... BOOM!!

Starfleet has always been about steering away from war, but being prepared for it if need be. The Vengeance is neither, it's steering towards war, imo.
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