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Re: Netflix Presents: Orange is the New Black

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I also am getting used to the format of seeing various prisoners backstories and how they relate to the present. People have compared this to Lost, yet I haven't seen lost so this is pretty much original to me. Good series so far, 4 episodes in.
I'm not a big fan of flashbacks. The ones in Lost were boring to me as I kept wanting them to end so we could get back to the the "real" world on the island. Lost flashbacks were one of several things that eventually caused me to bail on the show.

But the ones in Orange have all made sense and tell a coherrent story. I am most interested in seeing how Red ended up in prison and what crime she committed. Yeah, it's a comedy/drama. I think the show gets funnier as it goes along. The xmas episode was hysterical.

Watched the conclusion to the first season last night. Quite satisfying. I sure hope whoever posted that the show was picked up for season 2 is correct.
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