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Re: Klingon Neutral Zone

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It was mentioned (in a way) in TSFS as well, Kurge at one point told his helmsman to set course for the "Federation Neutral Zone," which probably the Klingon term for what the Federation refers to as the "Klingon Neutral Zone."
I think that was a holdover from the previous version of the story, where Kruge and the Klingons were Romulans (which is why they had a cloaked ship called a Bird-of-Prey).

What we saw in TWOK in Saavik simulator test didn't seem to be a zone entirely separating the Federation from the Empire, and more a enclosure of a limited area. An area of exclusion.

Yep, but what exactly the Neutral Zone is supposed to be is kind of a debated thing (or it was, back then). Originally, the Zone was an enclosed space that contained the Romulan Home System and the Romulans were like the Kzinti from Larry Niven's stories (blockaded within their own system only) but then they changed their minds and made them an Empire so now the Zone is a guarded Border instead of a containment line.
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