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Re: Romulans as portrayed on Enterprise

It didn't bother me that the Enterprise crew never saw the Romulans, either. But I think it would have been interesting if it was made clear that the Vulcan High Command knew (it was alluded to that there was a pro-Romulan traitor in the VHC), and kept it a secret from both the Vulcan population, and Starfleet out of fear of a scandal, a fear of a xenophobic backlash (Like Paxton's anti-alien movement in Terra Prime), and possibly the fear of Vulcans defecting to Romulus and embracing emotion. And it would have been interesting if Archer and the command staff on the Enterprise found out both what Romulans looked like, and that the Vulcan High Command knew.

What I don't get is why didn't Hoshi recognize that the Romulans were speaking a language somewhat similar to an ancient dialect of Vulcan?
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