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Re: The Walking Dead

That's what I would say.

As for the "memories" thing I'm still not sure calling them memories is entirely accurate. I don't think Morgan's wife said, "This place looks familiar! Morgan and Duane must be in there for me to munch on their brains. Think I'll try the door."

I think it's more like, well, sleepwalking. Where things seem familiar but you can't quite grasp all of the right information to use it (and I've dealt with a sleep walker before, it's a fascinating experience.) It's like door... door looks familiar... I think this is how you open it... Which is pretty much what a sleep walker does even if the door isn't really something familiar. (Again, something I've dealt with.)

I don't feel there's any active "remembering" going on just a basic sense of "familiarity" only at the most basic level.
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