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Re: Marines and Combat Personel?

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I'll leave it with this: in Yesterday's Enterprise, is Tasha Yar still alive and Deanna Troi not present. Did you never wonder exactly why that was?
Since we do not know either way Troi's fate we can simply say she wasn't assigned to the ship at that time or fate unknown.

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I think you are fundamentally underestimating the basic implications of a militarized Starfleet when you assume that a simple mission change is all it would take. It would become an ENTIRELY different type of organization with entirely different procedures and practices.
Yeah, and it would look just like the Starfleet of TOS and TOS Movies.

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I'm not going to belabor the point any more because I honestly don't think you're capable of discussing the subject honestly. I think you're disagreeing just to be disagreeable -- again -- and I don't feel like going through this with you a second time.
Food for thought: If you need to discredit evidence like actual character dialogue in order to get your argument to work then your argument is flawed and needs reworking.
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