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Re: The par'Mach that could have been...

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Towards the end, I genuinely thought something could have actually happened between Kira and Damar, just seemed like another twist that could have happened that would have really angered Dukat. Kira and Damar were going down the same path (when both alive) and had he survived, things could have been different.
I bet you anything the writers noticed the chemistry and would have gone somewhere with that if they had another season. But they didn't want to mess up what they worked toward with Kira and Odo, and that worked out nicely for the finale. But I'm totally with you on that!

Roboturner913 wrote:
You're forgetting a pretty big one: Garak and Ziyal.
I sure did leave that one out. Not sure why since I had thought about that relationship as I was writing the post. My bad.
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