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Re: I am shocked, absolutely shocked

How can such an intelligent person not understand how someone could have different interests than them?

I can accept friends having different interests from me, what I can't understand is how they can lack such basic knowledge.

Many of them are too busy just trying to survive to worry about collecting what is ultimately (to them) trivia.
My friend is certainly not busy. She has been on unemployed benefits for the last 15 years and before that on a single parents benefit for about 12 years.

In my experience, a lot of people who don't know the answer to these questions are just incapable of putting facts they learned together to reason the outcome. The trick is to find out if they realize they missed something obvious after you tell them the answer or if they still don't conceptually get it. I've seen some people overthink the question and have to think they need to know how long the Earth's orbit is and how fast it is going in order to calculate the answer rather than that it just takes one year because that's the definition of a year. I could be wrong, though.
Maybe that is the case. My friend's reaction to the question was "How could I possibly know that?". She also didn't know what made a day a day.

Strange thing is that she is scifi fan (TV shows not books). She loves Babylon 5, Farscape, Earth Final Conflict, Doctor Who, Firefly, Crusade, Torchwood, Sanctuary but despite that she says she is totally disinterested in science.

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