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Still, there's 14 years of Prime Trek after Roddenberry died. True Berman was in charge all 14, but Braga only had any real authority for 6 of those years. That's less than half.
I really didnīt know that. I just remembered how it used to be lots of "B&B" doing this, B&B I wrongly assumed that it was always B&B....but Iīm always willing to learn. :-)
And that's the problem, back in the day people applied the term "B&B" to everything even when Braga had nothing to do with it at all. For example, people blame "B&B" for the failure of Insurrection and Nemesis even though Braga had nothing at all to do with either movie. Likewise, Braga wasn't going to have any involvement with Berman's proposed Star Trek The Beginning movie and yet everyone still spoke of B&B in reference to the movie.

The B&B term or "Bermaga" as some used got thrown around so much that it created the false impression among fandom that Braga was Berman's partner in running the Trek franchise when in fact Berman ran Trek alone, Braga was just the show runner during two seasons of Voyager and the Enterprise's four seasons.

And the worse part is, back in the day there were fans who realized this but didn't care due to their intense and equally irrational hatred of Braga. I remember the first time I pointed this out around 2002 the response I got was something like "that's like saying an accused serial killer is only guilty of killing 3 out of the 5 people he's accused of killing. The point is the crime has still been committed by the man in question."

It often surprises me when people get all upset whenever me or anyone are critical of Abrams and his gang. While I may not always say the most professional or appropriate things about Abrams, I've never said anything that idiotic, and for that matter nor have any of the accused Abrams haters around here. So worn out jokes about lens flares or being sentimentally nostalgic about previous Treks is not cool since it's not appreciative of Abrams even though a decade ago slanderous comparisons to serial killers was an okay way to treat Braga. Trek fandom can truly be awesome at times.
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