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Re: Sample McDonalds Budget

Since it's running numbers based on minimum wage, looks about right. And yes, can't do it on one job, it admits you need two. Doesn't mention food, but DOES give you $27/day plus 'extra' $100 spending money, plus your $100 in savings, so it's not impossible. The expenses assume you're living alone in cheap housing as well, based on the rent, utilities, etc. Since you should probably have a roommate at that point, there's more money there than their could be.

Not so sure about the $20 for health insurance, seems sketchy...

But in general, while it would kinda suck, obviously, you could live off of that. Or get a job that pays more than minimum wage. But they require more than the ability to usually show up, so there's a bar you gotta pass there...

You aren't SUPPOSED to want to work minimum wage at McDonald's as a career choice long-term
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