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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

Pavonis wrote: View Post
Yeah, well then that is exactly who the Alfred in BtB is - Bruce's butler. But you're still not satisfied.
Because he's not the butler; he's the bodyguard.

Christopher wrote: View Post
I reject the question, because it's unfair to judge an entire show based on a single clip. It's bad decision-making to assess a data point in isolation without understanding its context.
The point is that if you didn't know he was Alfred, you wouldn't know he was Alfred. If he just showed up, without spoilers, you'd be wondering who the big bruiser is.

davejames wrote: View Post
The only issue I had with this Alfred is he seemed a little young. He almost seemed more like an older brother or old Army buddy of Bruce's than a father or mentor figure.
That's part of what makes it pandering. They don't want Alfred because he's an older man who does chores around the house-- he must be re-imagined as a younger man of action!
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