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Re: Kirk-Spock-Uhura interplay

Fair points CommisSleer and Kinokima. I do think good writing, among other things, had to do with fans' reception of Enterprise more so than the attempt to resurrect a big trio concept as opposed to the more ensemble approach of TNG through VOY.

That being said, I do also agree that TNG and VOY did become narrowly focused. However I think the Picard-Data thing really came to fore in the movies as opposed to the series. But with Voyager, after 7-of-9 showed up the show very much did became a Janeway-Seven-Doctor show.

Personally I thought VOY and the TNG movies became the poorer for it. As for the new Trek films while they perhaps don't have to be ensemble pieces I think it would still be to their benefit if they found ways to give all of the main cast members a spot light and some development, even if the lion's share will go to Kirk and Spock. It also wouldn't hurt to introduce new storytelling methods into Trek. Or rather modern storytelling methods. Trek should evolve with the times. There's a reason the original series was likened to Wagon Train, because Westerns were popular during that time. Now it's the 21st century and Trek should adapt, will have to adapt, to continue getting new fans and maybe keeping some old ones entertained and enthralled as well.
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