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Re: Are the bluray's the versions where you can choose...

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EDIT: I checked the Blu-Ray of Balance of Terror last night and in both the hi-fi and mono tracks in the original effects versions, the 2006 newly orchestrated theme is there. The old visuals are intact, but the music is the newer version. I didn't really have time to go through to find other episodes (I think there's at least one more), but I can confirm Balance of Terror.

The DVDs also restored the "created by Gene Roddenberry" credit to the open theme of The Man Trap and Charlie X, as seen originally in 1966. Gene's credits at the end of both episodes were amended to simply "producer" on those prints. The Blu-Ray episodes do not have those restorations. Another reason I prefer and will retain my DVDs of the series (which really look great).
Thanks for the info ... I guess I'll stick to my DVDs as well.
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