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Re: Helen Noel as a Regular

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I read or heard somewhere that had Rand not been removed from the show, many of the female crewwomen that Kirk beamed down with every now and then would have been Rand.
Agreed. She would've appeared at least ten more times, usually as part of a landing party, while staying on the ship for the bottle shows. I expect she would've not been killed off by the Kelvans either in Season Two.

(Though I did notice after that episode no yeoman ever beamed down again and few if any were utilized for Season Three...)
Rand was definitely part of the crew in Galileo 7 and would have replaced Uhura on the planet in CotEoF, as well as most of the yeomen of the week. She was also cited in an early draft of the Trouble with Tribbles. They didn't use yeomen that often outside of season one but I think it would have been cool if they had kept her around for a couple of episodes per season.

It was more unusual to kill regular characters in the sixties but it would have been an amazing shock if they had killed Rand instead of a nameless redshirt!

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