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Re: Netflix Presents: Orange is the New Black

It's interesting. I've been hearing the whole laughing out loud thing in regards to this series, yet I haven't been. Maybe what I think is funny is different (And hey, it happened during the first season of Girls too, and now I think that show is shit) but I thought this was a drama, with a little comedy overtones thrown in.

For example, in the first episode we met Lorna, who I thought was awesome. The way she talked, the way she pretty much owned the place and Piper's reactions to her were spot on. 4 episodes in, she hasn't been in it that much and actually the last episode I watched, the best scenes were the quiet introspective scenes, like Nicky and Alex (Who stole the episode IMO) in the library.

I also am getting used to the format of seeing various prisoners backstories and how they relate to the present. People have compared this to Lost, yet I haven't seen lost so this is pretty much original to me. Good series so far, 4 episodes in.
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