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Re: Klingon-Federation War of 2372-3

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1. The minor differences in crew in YE are no more significant than the episode-to-episode differences in crew seen in the prime timeline.
Small sample size. You can't assume that the crew isn't different based on the events of only a few days. It's entirely possible that a member of Picard's senior staff was absent during the events in question (undercover mission, shore leave, etc.) but would otherwise have been present. There's no information that suggests this, but there's no information that rules it out, either.

Pavonis wrote:
2. What new technologies exist in the 2360s that don't exist in the 2340s, and that would influence the outcome of a war? Similarly, what's new in the 2370s that wouldn't already exist in the 2360s?
It's clear from the dialogue that there have been significant advances in weaponry over the period we're talking about. Both LaForge and Garrett have lines indicating as much. To assume that technology wouldn't advance because of the war doesn't make sense. If anything, I'd expect the war to serve as an incentive to develop newer technology faster compared to the primary universe. There's precedent for this in our own history.

The United States made significant technological and economic strides during and immediately following World War II secondary to the creation of new jobs for the American people. If such a thing can happen in a post-Depression society, it certainly can happen in the United Federation of Planets.

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