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Mud runs and other obstacle course races

Anyone else here who does mud runs like Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, etc?

I started a couple months ago and it's been great. For years I've been saying, I'm going to wake up early to run or lift weights. I didn't start actually doing it until I started doing mud runs.

What do you do to prepare for them? I've been hill running, going to indoor rock climbing gyms and trying to do a variety of bodyweight and dumbell exercises. The one major problem I've had is upper body strength, getting through obstacles like rope climbs where you have to pull up your entire body weight using only your arms. And I don't know where to find monkey bars that aren't on childrens' playgrounds.

I'm signed up for one of these every 2-4 weeks from now through January. Those of you who do these, how do you prepare? What are some cool experiences you've had on races?

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