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Re: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen gets pilot order at Fox

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And, surprise, surprise, Moore isn't impressed by this idea:
A bit ironic, since many of Moore's best known works are "recycled" from the works of others.
"Recycled." That's a polite word. I doubt Moore had permission from Aaron Sorkin, J.K. Rowling, Gildrose Publications, and the BBC (among many others) for the use of their characters in LOEG: Century. One of the best, and also most dismissive, comments on what LOEG is came from Comics Alliance's Chris Sims -- it's "Family Guy for smart people."
That's why you are left to guess who most of the characters and what most of the references are in the last two volumes. There is no way that this series can come remotely close to the atmosphere of Moore's work unless it is on HBO or something similar.

I have a sad feeling that this program if it comes to fruition will bear a striking resemblance to Sanctuary (which I always thought was LXG lite anyway).
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