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Re: Klingon-Federation War of 2372-3

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I don't think the generals and admirals would be significantly different. I suspect K'mpec would be the leader in the alternate timeline, using the war with the Federation to distract the various factions in the Empire from fighting each other. And I think that since Picard, Riker, LaForge, Data, and the Crushers have the exact same positions in both timelines suggests that little else is changed. If the war timeline were radically different, I'd expect an Admiral Picard commanding fleets, with Captains Riker and Data commanding ships and a Lieutenant or Lieutenant Commander Wes Crusher leading troops at the front. The E-D would look more like the Defiant and less like an exploration vessel. If I'm going to be convinced that the war timeline is radically different I need to understand how everything but the Enterprise is changed so much. I understand why it is not different production-wise, but not in-universe.
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Again, that their career paths converged so exactly must say something about the similarities between the timelines.

Perhaps the parallels between the timelines say that the Federation didn't take the war as seriously as it should have in the early stages, so they focused just as much on exploration as they did in the prime timeline, but Starfleet found itself ground down by the relentless Klingon advances until they realized they should have been putting more resources towards the war then had been. By then it was too late....
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And if the war has radically changed the events of the timeline, then the supposed "butterfly effect" should lead all the characters to be dispersed throughout the fleet, not concentrated on the same ship.
So which is it? The timelines are too similar or too different? You seem to be contradicting yourself.
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