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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

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^Is it a plot hole? AI Jor-El was only able to give Lois Lane and by extension Superman the solution with the phantom drives AFTER he uploaded into Zod's Kryptonian ship. Supes probably knew some shit was gonna go down on the ship so he was smart enough to bring the micro crystal that contained his dad's conscience. He came prepared!

Why Lois was asked to be on the ship is never explained or made sense to me but I let it slide.
It IS. Because as the HISHE short shows after Zod's message Superman should have gone to the ship/"Fortress of Solitude" asked his dad about Zod and sought advice. (At the very least he would have been told to not trust Zod.) Instead we see Superman run to talk to some priest before turning himself in to the military/Zod.
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