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Re: Fact-Checking Inside Star Trek: The Real Story

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I still haven't polished off the piece about 'the great phaser caper' -- just procrastinating at this point, really -- but I have managed to finish an entry about how James Doohan was almost dismissed from the series after the second pilot.

Star Trek's Chief Engineer Who Almost Wasn't

Thinking about starting a Twitter feed to help readers (and me, heh) keep track of all the behind-the-scenes material that has leaked online. Would that be of interest/use to people, or would I mostly be providing links to material people are already familiar with?
Even though Scott was IN more shows, it wasn't until Gene Coon came along that someone figured out what to do with the character. The difference between the first and second seasons, is the difference between the character being 'Scott', and the character being 'Scotty'.

Great stuff!
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