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Re: The Return of Whose Line is it Anyway?

So I managed to catch this on what I think is a random CW New York affiliate, but I can break it down into three categories:

The Good

It's great to see Ryan, Colin, Wayne and Laura Hall back. All of them are a bit older and look it, but they have not dulled in their abilities at all. Each of them had at least one moment tonight where they made me laugh out loud and it felt just like the good old days.

The Bad

Aisha Tyler as host. It's like she's trying way too hard to fit in with the cool kids. Almost like the new kid at school trying to make a name for herself. I really hope she comes out of it, but she did have some moments of brilliance tonight. It will take a lot to replace Drew Carey in that chair, but she is on the right track.

The Ugly

That set! It looks like they were going for a retro homage to the British version set, but it is the ugliest game show set I have ever seen!

Did anyone else catch the return tonight?
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