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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

I picked up the deluxe edition of the new Diamond Select Spock today. This is the version that you'll find at your local comic shops and Diamond distributors. There's also a version with fewer accessories and a blander base that can be found at Toys R Us. This version comes with a much cooler Devil in the Dark base:

It also comes with a swappable set of legs, hands, and a head to create a different look. This is the way I'm almost certainly going to display mine:

I was unsure about the unarticulated legs at first, but having them allows for the crouching to look much more natural. I'm pretty pleased with him. I thought that maybe there would be some recycled parts from the old Art Asylum figure, but no, this is new from the ground up. The headsculpts blow that one out of the water, too.

Again, if you want him, or Kirk, make sure to get the deluxe editions. They are miles above the more basic TRU versions.
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