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Re: Stephen King's Under the Dome - TV Series Discussion Thread

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Did I miss something happening to the fat girl from the radio station? She hasn't been in the last two episodes. At least was making an effort to get through the dome.
Lip service was given last week that she was gone to get radio parts or something somewhere else, this episode didn't spend much time at the station/had to deal with Plot Outline 384-L ("Medical Crisis with Limited Medical Supplies.")

Who knew bacterial meningitis was so aggressive yet also so easily treated?

And Creeper Guy is deputized. Yay.

Well, at least what's-her-name was found by Corrupt Politician With Ulterior Motives so that piece of pain will [hopefully] be over. So she's been trapped down there for a few days, right? Mostly chained to the bed? Ummm.... Where has she been pooping?

Julia finds out Barbie was involved with her husband's disappearance so, YAY, plot progression! Also the only character I like (but for pretty shallow reasons.)

And aren't teenagers so cute and quirky? Taking 50 pictures with their phone while making funny faces in the space of a couple of minutes? Her phone sure snapped a picture and stored it pretty damn fast!

I will say the seizure thing is an interesting aspect but it's the show throwing a bone at you in an episode still filled with cliches and boring plot elements.
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