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Re: The Menagerie/The Cage

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@ alexianyc

I might be reading more into it than what's there, but still:

ONE: Then they could still be alive, even after eighteen years.
PIKE: If they survived the crash.
SPOCK: We aren't going to go, to be certain?
PIKE: Not without any indication of survivors, no. Continue to the Vega Colony and take care of our own sick and injured first.


SPOCK [on monitor]: Mister Spock here. We're intercepting a follow-up message, sir. There are crash survivors on Talos.

Spock is not the XO under Captain Pike, that's Number One. Maybe it's still the producers looking for Mr. Spock's identity in this pilot film, but his question is somewhat out of line for somebody who is just a member of the Bridge crew, IMHO.

Actually in "The Cage" Spock was not just a member of the Bridge crew, he was the Second Officer. He was in command of the Enterprise once Pike and Number One were trapped on Talos 4. At that point Spock decided to leave Talos 4, but he waited too long and the Talosians had taken control over the Enterprise.

Here is a picture of Spock in command of the Enterprise from "The Cage" courtesy of .

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