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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

^Yes, I know that's why the censored the guns, and I said as much earlier in the thread. My point is that, given that they censored the guns, it's weird that they didn't also censor the references to killing and the onscreen injuries. It seems an arbitrarily inconsistent treatment of violence.

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After BTAS, The Batman, and countless DTV movies, this character and his world is just starting to feel a bit too tired and familiar to me.
Thank you. You just made the best argument for why they're doing things like reinterpreting Alfred and featuring different villains. It's so it won't be just the same familiar thing again.

Of course I realize I'm not exactly the target demographic for this show, and to most kids it probably does seem fresh and new.
It doesn't feel like a kids' show to me. Aside from the restriction on showing realistic guns, it feels like one of CN's older-skewing shows, about on a level with something like Green Lantern or Young Justice.
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