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Re: Marines and Combat Personel?

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That's kind of my overall point about Starfleet, though. The reason they don't classify it as a military organization is because military organizations are hard to justify -- politically and monetarily -- in peace time. An exploration fleet is probably easier, especially in a culture where aggressive space exploration is a lot more popular politically than aggressive militarism. The defense establishment of the Federation would simply see this as a relationship of convenience: they'll never convince anyone to fund the kind of military the Federation needs, but they CAN convince Starfleet to make itself prepared to step into that role if and when it becomes necessary to do so.
I've rarely seen any politician who needed to be convinced that we need a military, even in peacetime. The confusion only seems to come from idiots thinking that winning a war means we should drastically cut (always too much) the military to create a "peace dividend" that always comes back to haunt us. And we've never seen Starfleet do anything non-military.

That leaves open for debate to what extent that role is necessary and how important it really is to Starfleet in the first place. You'd have a wide range of opinions among various officers and commands, depending on what's going on in the world and their own point of view. But that range of opinions can only exist where Starfleet's official status is TECHNICALLY not a military one.
Now that is not only untrue, but makes no sense, either. We have a wide range of opinion now, and all that being in the military means is that we must be cautious in how we express it in order to avoid the appearance of military endorsement of any particular viewpoint.

IOW, the debate we're having right now probably mirrors the debate with Starfleet's own command structure. Different sides probably have more influence year after year, depending on current events, but there's never a solid consensus one way or the other.
More likely, the pacifist bloc of the council, the hawks, and the politicians and talking heads associated with both sides. And those officers foolish enough to buy the rhetoric.
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