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Re: The Walking Dead

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Undoubtedly, but what would be different about another Woodbury-type community? It would be nice if TWD had the budget to be global in scope, allowing us a glimpse of the wider world's fate, but then it wouldn't be TWD, it'd be World War Z (the book, not the movie).

Sometimes, I imagine that TWD is just one story set in the WWZ universe. I don't think there is any inherent contradictions between the universes. Rick's band is surviving in Georgia, while the wider world is out there, fighting battles and establishing safe zones. Maybe someday the wider world will impinge on Rick's group - maybe the legitimate government or military will find them...who knows?
I remember one of the producers or writers commenting that next season the walkers would become more of a threat again.

I don't know how they accomplish that unless they bring in faster walkers because everyone in the current group is accomplished at killing them even close-up.

Shit, Andrea took down 3 by herself in the woods next to a tree.

Rick et al take them out now even with a knife.

Any conjecture on how the walkers could become more of a menance again?
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