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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

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another one that didn't make a whole lot of sense, other than the fact that we already had Robert Baratheon and Rob Stark floating about.
That's exactly why they did it.
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Yeah, not entirely sure why they went with a complete name change for her. She was clearly supposed to replace Jeyne Westerling, unless this was another one of those instances where they didn't want to confuse character names with Jeyne Poole. IIRC, Poole was present briefly in season 1 prior to the fall of the Starks at Kings Landing but never seen again - a thoroughly minor and forgettable character to be sure. They can pick any other minor female character to be "fake Arya" later on, sent up to be Ramsay Snow/Bolton's bride and nobody would know any different. If anyone should have had a name change, it should have been her, not Westerling.
They changed Jeyne Westerling's name because Martin suggested they do that, after they had changed everything else about the character, including making her from Volantis. Martin said that "Jeyne Westerling" isn't a Volantene name, hence, Talisa Maegyr.
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They seem to have missed the point with Arya.
No, they've said they just wanted to have her dark path play out more gradually. You can't miss all the indications in season 3, including the part where Melisandre tells her to her face that she's going to kill a bunch of people.
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