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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

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It's like what JJ Abrams did to NuTrek to broaden its mass appeal. There are still things in there to potentially interest the fans, but it was designed for a larger audience, much to the hard-core fans' chagrin.
Oh, God. You've given me images of an Abrams movie adaptation of ASOIAF.

Eddard Stark: Buckle up!

Jaime Lannister: FIRE EVERYTHING!

A movie ridding the series of all its moral complexity. A movie that Abrams would repeatedly claim is definitely not made for those weird geeks, but for a casual market.

The GoT TV series definitely displays well above the average intelligence shown in most other movies and TV shows. JJ Abrams' Star Trek or Russell T. Davies' Doctor Who dumbed the premise of both down too much for the sake of boosting viewing figures. D&D definitely have gone out of their way to respect the original novels quite often. I've got loads of issues with it, but as far as adaptations go it's well above the average, and the showrunners clearly care about the source material.
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