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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

Technically, their target audience is kids about 7 years old. That didn't stop Justice League and other shows from being awesome, and to be fair I don't feel like BTB was too kid oriented. Still, I don't think the show is made for people that no absolutely nothing about Batman (not that there is a huge number of people like that, I'm fairly certain even little kids know basic stuff about him), atleast specifically. No TV show based off a preexisting character wants to confuse new watchers. This show's big problem is that it seems like they just dislike normal batman stuff, so they'll do anything but normal Batman things. I think thats a really screwed up way of doing things, and i think the show will suffer because of it. I really wouldn't be surprised if this show ends up being the worst Batman show. I don't want it to, and the first episode didn't go in that direction, but its being made by people i'
m starting to think hate Batman. If i didn't know the crew working on it, i'd assume no one working on this show had ever worked on anything DC related. This is definately a very poor replacement for Young Justice (although its still better than TT Go!). Not a bad show (so far) but of the DC cartoons that aren't bad, so far its the weakest, especially in its premise and way of doing things.

I'm not getting into a Nolan discussion. I'll just say that The dark Knight is my most hated movie of all time, and easily the worst superhero movie ever. Rises wasn't any better, but I don't have as much hate because at that point I knew what to expect. They're both horrible movies, and definately the worst superhero movies I've ever seen (Begins was just mediocre).
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