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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

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Well, it just didn't feel very Batman to me. Batman has been many things, but he's been fairly consistant in tone in comics for awhile now. It all depends on what the show is trying to do. Brave and The Bold was awesome, but it wasn't going for serious, it had its own thing and it did it pretty much perfectly. But, for a more serious Batman show thats trying to tell a continuing story, there are certain things I want from a show like that. BTB doesn't seem to have very many. The "villains drawn from all over" just feel like the show being obscure for the sake of being different.
Well, I like it, because I don't read the comics. I'm not familiar with the comics Batman, his extended teammates, or anything related. BtB is the first I'd heard of Professor Pyg, Mr. Toad, or Katana. Since the producers are aiming for introducing more comics characters into the TV medium, I guess I'm their target audience, and not you.

Well, the Nolan movies (atleast 2 & 3) are the worst superhero movies ever made (including Catwoman, Superman IV, FF 2, etc) so they really aren't something to bring up in connection to good batman.
Are they "worst superhero movies ever made" because they're more crime dramas than anything? Because I have no idea what a "real" superhero movie would be. The Nolan movies not being superhero movies may explain why they did so well with the rest of us, who aren't dedicated comic superhero fans!
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