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Re: The par'Mach that could have been...

You forgot to mention Pel the female Ferengi from the seson two episode The Rules of Acquisition who disguised herself as a male in order to earn profit and ended up falling for Quark.

I always found it very interesting that Quark, despite being an allegedly traditional Ferengi, was always falling in love or lust with strong minded alien women who liked to wear clothes and earn their own profit. Pel was the only Ferengi woman he seemed to even consider as a potential love interest and that seemed to be because he got acquanited with her personality and intelligence and great bussiness sense before he got to know her gender and was therefore unable to dismiss her as some dumb female like he did every other Ferengi female (except for Moogie but that was his mother). He was quite uncomfortable with Pels desire to earn profit and rebellion against tradition but went out of his way to help her risking the wrath of Grand Nagus Zek. It was an interesting situation that could definitely have been explored more.

Also they never did address what happened to Pel after she went to make a new life in the gamma quadrant especially after the war broke out. If it werent for her being in the Gamma quadrant and the whole war thing it would have been a brilliant idea to bring her back in the episode Profit and Loss. The news that female Ferengi had been granetd the right to wear clothes and earn profit could have brought her back and then she could have been roped into being Ishka's replacement in the negotiations with the sluggo cola guy removing the need for Quark to undergo gender reasignment surgery. She could resist the sluggo colas guys romantic advances because she still loves Quark and then head off to Ferenginar to earn profit or hang around the bar and stick with Quark when everyone else runs off at the end.

You can tell ive put way too much thought into this :P
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