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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

Yep. I agree 100% - made no sense. Such things are irritating, but I enjoy the rest of it enough not to let it ruin the show for me. In some ways, I almost wish I waited to read the books until after the series was done. People who haven't read the books clearly have no idea about these issues and plot changes and seem to enjoy it more than those who did, as they see it as something that is like nothing else on TV - which it kind of is.

It's like what JJ Abrams did to NuTrek to broaden its mass appeal. There are still things in there to potentially interest the fans, but it was designed for a larger audience, much to the hard-core fans' chagrin.

The bottom line is, the studios have to make money, and pairing it down to a lower-common-denominator is an all-too-frequent occurrence. If they made something too tailor-made for fans, it will likely fail (Serenity?). So far, GoT I think has fared pretty well considering the sheer massiveness of the source material. Some things must be changed or removed just out of simple pragmatism. Yes, some things don't make much sense, but I'd like to think that GRRM still has some degree of input on many of the happenings in the show. Maybe not to that level of minutia, but it's still there. If he weren't around any more, I might be more reticent about the plot, but as long as he's there as a safety valve or reality check for the really long-term-vision future things, I'm satisfied with the general direction the plot is going. It also helps that I've forgotten much of what I read last year anyway!
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