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Re: Klingon-Federation War of 2372-3

Prometheus was a prototype, and the Defiant was a small gunship. Lots of those might be better than one Galaxy. I don't know much about the Akira beyond it inspiring the NX-01 (or in-universe, being inspired by the NX-01).

At best, I think a Klingon-Federation war would lead to stalemate. They must feel each other to be equals, else it'd be an asymmetric war. It takes the combined effort of all the Federation's cultures to meet the strength of the monolithic Klingon Empire. If the war went badly for Starfleet for a little while, I could see some of the more pacifistic or fearful cultures backing out of the Federation to avoid war with the Klingons, or even just to avoid the Klingons' wrath.

I've heard a theory that wars only really end when one side considers themselves defeated. And if I had to pick, I'd say the Federation would end up considering themselves defeated long before the Klingons could come to that conclusion, if they are even capable of psychologically doing so. In the end, Klingon tenacity could defeat Federation resolve...if it came to war. Perhaps that's why the Federation decided to make friends with the Empire, despite them being a non-democratic feudal society centered on war. Why else would the enlightened Federation even deign to side with the barbarians, except to keep them from conquering Earth, Tellar, Andoria and even Vulcan?
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