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Re: I'd Pay to See Kathryn Bigelow Direct Wonder Woman - Would You?

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That Katniss isn't a superhero is not the point. She is the star of a genre action movie that made a tidy - and enviable - bit of money.
According to Box Office Mojo, The Hunger Games had a budget of $80m. Compare that to $150m for the modestly-budgeted (among supero flicks) Thor, and I think you'll see that the fact that THG isn't a superhero movie is very germane to this dicussion.

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She shows there's an audience that will accept movies about women kicking ass and taking names in a SF&F setting
Let's not forget that the HG films are based on a series of well-known, mega-selling books, unlike Aeon Flux, Ultraviolet, BloodRayne, Hanna, Elektra, The Host, and Beautiful Creatures, all of which underperformed-to-flopped. Add The Golden Compass and Catwoman in, and it becomes clear that for every Hunger Games and Underworld/Resident Evil female action SF/F success, there's one or two flops to balance them out. The simple fact is that unless you've got very strong brand awareness built-in, through blockbuster books or a popular video game series, female-led SF/F movies have had a very spotty B.O. record so far.

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an audience that probably overlaps with superhero films anyway and, if it doesn't, it'd be smart to entice over.

You know, four quadrants and all that.
Opening weekend crowds for The Avengers and Iron Man 3 were both about 40% female, and 50% over 25. In other words, male-dominated superher movies already hit the four quadrants just fine.

... Again, I'm not at all opposed to quality female-centric superhero movies. But let's not kid ourselves: while it may be a rich and untapped market, there's plenty of precedent suggesting it probably isn't.
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